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Popcorn Sale


 Site updated 4/24/17

 New for 2017

Collectible Tins are back!

More low & mid-priced options!

Plus, Scout Prize program!


2017 Sales Guide or visit 'popcorn forms'

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2017 Message from Mark



















2017 Popcorn Sale Calendar


June 16              2017 Unit Commitment due to the Council Service Center


TBD                    Kickoff Training Webinar


August 7             Unit Show & Sell orders due to the Council Service Center

August 22-24      Show & Sell distribution / Show & Sell begins


September 24     Show & Sell Ends

September 25     Show & Sell payment and unsold product returned

September 25     Unit Take Order Sale begin


October 22         Take Order sale ends

October 27         Unit Take Orders due to the Council Service Center


November 16      Take Order Distribution; Post-dated payment due

November 30      Council deposits post-dated payments


Simple Commission Option


Option 1:    30% plus the prize program

Option 2:    35% no prize program

*Bonus Camp Masters High Achievers prizes available for both options

**Units that met their Fair Share Campaign (FSC) goal by March 31 earned a 7% bonus commission for either option


Scout Prize Program & Bonus Prizes


2017 Products