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Popcorn Sale

 Last updated 3/30/2016



Message from Mark


Message from Mark
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2016 Popcorn Sale Calendar


June 17              2016 Unit Commitment due to the Council Service Center


July 26                Trails-End Council Kickoff Training (Bonus Commission)

July 28                Online Kickoff Training


August 8             Unit Show & Sell orders due to the Council Service Center

August 16           Show & Sell delivery from Trails-End

August 18           Show & Sell Unit Pick up/Distribution


September 25     Show & Sell Ends

September 26     Show & Sell payment and unsold product returned

September 26     Unit Take Order Kick-offs & Sale begin


October 24         Take Order sale ends

October 28         Unit Take Orders due to the Council Service Center


November 8        Take Order delivery from Trails-End

November 10      Take Order Unit Pick up/Distribution Unit post-dated payment due

November 12      Banana’s Lock-in $1070 Club


December 2        Council deposits post-dated payments



 Coming Online Soon:

  • Council Kickoff information

  • Unit Sales Guide

  • Commission Structure and Options

  • Scout Incentive Plan

  • 2016 Sale Commitment

  • Distribution Plan