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Popcorn Sale

 Last updated 7/20/2016
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2016 Guide


Message from Mark


Message from Mark 


Kickoff / Training Info for Units

(These are large files and may take a couple minutes to download)

PowerPoint used at the training


Recorded training webinar



2016 Popcorn Sale Calendar


June 17              2016 Unit Commitment due to the Council Service Center


July 19               Kickoff Training Webinar


August 8             Unit Show & Sell orders due to the Council Service Center

August 16           Show & Sell delivery from Trails-End

August 18           Show & Sell Unit Pick up/Distribution


September 25     Show & Sell Ends

September 26     Show & Sell payment and unsold product returned

September 26     Unit Take Order Kick-offs & Sale begin


October 24         Take Order sale ends

October 28         Unit Take Orders due to the Council Service Center


November 8        Take Order delivery from Trails-End

November 10      Take Order Unit Pick up/Distribution Unit post-dated payment due

November 11 or 12 (TBD)      Get Air $1060 Club


December 2        Council deposits post-dated payments


New Simple Commission Options


Your Unit chooses either a higher commission and you recognize your Scouts with your commission,

or you can choose a smaller commission and the Council will pay for the gift card reward program for each scout.

With either option the Council also provides the Bonus Star Wars patch program and the Bonus $1,060 Club at Get Air indoor trampoline park.




Bonus Galactic Collection Patch Program


6 piece patch to jump scout sales into hyperspace!

  • Sell 1 item:  Lunar Participation Patch
  • Sell online:  Satellite Arc Patch
  • Hit $650:  Saturn Arc Patch
  • Sell 1 of each item:  Spaceship Arc Patch
  • Make a military sale:  Galaxy Arc Patch
  • Top seller scout in your unit or sell $1,000:  Top Seller Pin



Bonus $1,060 Club


Free night at Get Air - Indoor Trampoline Park for every Scout selling $1060 or more. 

(Tentative) November 11th or 12th (TBD).

This is in addition to either commission structure your Unit chooses. 

Does not include adult or sibling tickets but Pizza is for everyone. 

If a Scout has earned the $1060 club level and can’t attend, the Council will give that Scout a $25 Wal-Mart gift card.



 Coming Online Soon:

  • Distribution Plan