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Unit Account Access

Coming Soon - Local Council Unit Account Access, in the meantime check-out the Unit Tools that are available now!


BSA recently released the first stage of an exciting new tool for unit and district members. To view MyScouting Tools please click here and you will be redirected.
Required browsers for MyScouting Tools:
Firefox 14 +, Google Chrome 21 +, or Internet Explorer 9.0 +
In the near future, mobile platforms will also be able to support MyScouting Tools. These include:
iOS and Android platforms (using Google Chrome).
To view support materials on this new tool please click the links below:
Once you log in using your MyScouting user name and password, you will be able to view unit or district announcements, your calendar, your personal profile, and more.





Membership Card Update:
  Initially, members and Organization Administrators (previously referred to as Key 3) were only able to print membership card(s) for their paid
position(s). Now, unit and district members are able to print membership card(s) for all his/her current positions held in Scouting. Except for:
• Executive Officer
• Administrative roles, and
• Non-registered ‘functional’ roles
Those in council or national levels will be extended in a future release.