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Internet Recharter

NEW for 2015!! Direct Contact Leaders must have required Leader Position-Specific Training to be registered! Direct Contact Leaders are;

Cub Scout Packs - Cubmaster; Tiger Cub Den Leader; Wolf/Bear Den Leader; Webelo Leader.

Boy Scout Troop - Scoutmaster; Leader of 11-yr old Scouts.

Varsity Scout Team - Varsity Scout Coach.

Venturing Crew - Venturing Crew Advisor.

Ships - Skipper.

Exploring Posts - Exploring Post Advisor.


For direct contact leaders in a Cub Scout Pack, all Leader Position-Specific Training is found online through E-Learning on MyScouting.org under the Cub Scout tab. Training for each direct contact leader is required as of 1/1/2015.


For direct contact leaders in a Boy Scout Troop, Varsity Scout Team, Venturing Crew, Ships and Post, leader position-specific training will be offered by the council through each district several times in the coming months and you are required to be trained for your position no later than 6/30/2015.


Included in your 2015 Internet Recharter Packet is your unit's unique Access Code for Internet Rechartering and a Unit Training Report specific to your unit showing which leaders have or do not have their required training. Get your Direct Contact Leaders Trained as early as possible!


2015 Internet Recharter Renewal starts Oct 1st and is due Nov 15th in the council office.

Please designate a unit representative to be the Renewal Processor and be the contact person for your unit. If the Renewal Processor would like to make an appointment with the Council Registrar for help in posting the Internet Recharter, please call Sandy at 970-243-0346 x6. Appointments will run in one hour slots, so call early. 


The Renewal Processor will logon to www.wccbsa.org and select RESOURCES, INTERNET RECHARTER, to reach the active Online Re-Charter Start Here button shown above. Internet Recharter may not be available on some weekends, from Fri 10pm to Sun 6pm. If you get a message that the server is down, then it is not available.




Directions / What to expect:

Here are a few of the most common questions regarding Internet Rechartering.

System Requirements:

  1. Supported by Microsoft IE version 7.0 or higher and no other browser provides full functionality.
  2. The system requires a 56-kb dial-up modem connection, however faster connection such as DSL and cable Internet are recommended.

How to get started:

  1. Login as a FIRST TIME USER.
  2. Enter your unit's access code, select what kind of unit and enter your unit number starting with a 0.
  3. Complete the steps to set up your user information and password.

Stages and Steps:

  1. Scroll up and down and/or side to side to see the complete page.
  2. To refresh the council roster, click on the Update Council Roster at any time during the process.
  3. You can log out at any time during the process, just keep your access code and password handy to use as a Returning User the next time you login. The system will take you right back to where you left off.
  4. If you need to go back to a previous step or stage, select the appropriate tab.


  1. Warnings are usually related to training required for a leader. Please contact any person listed and ask them to make every effort to get this training completed as quickly as possible. Click directly on the red warning message to take you back to correct. 
  2. Errors can not be bypassed and will need to be corrected. If you have any problems getting past the errors, contact the Registrar listed below or call 970.243.0346 x6 during working hours.


  1. Click on the submit button and then print the Charter Renewal Application. Adobe is required, get.adobe.com/reader/.
  2. Gather the signatures required on page 2, the unit's Executive Officer and the Unit Leader. We will gather the Council Representative signature for you.
  3. Gather applications requested on page 1. Please note you do not need applications for any youth or adult who was promoted from dropped membership in another unit.
  4. Select Print Annual Charter Agreement button from this page and obtain the signatures for this document.


  1. Mail or deliver your SIGNED Unit Charter Renewal Report Package to the Scout Service Center no later than 11/15/2013. Address: WCC-BSA, 839 Grand Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501-3424
  2. Include the Annual Charter Agreement, signed by the Chartered Organization Representative.
  3. Include a unit check made payable to WCC-BSA for the total chartering fees due listed on page 2. This step does not apply to all LDS Units.



Contact Council Office

Jim Graham, District Executive - Grand Mesa District - 970-243-0346 Ext 2

Leland Johnsen, District Executive - Majestic Mountain District - 803-665-9377

Michael Brandt, District Executive - Three Rivers District - 916-712-5955

Sandy Elkins, Registrar- 970-243-0346 Ext 6