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2018 Charter Renewal Updates

October is the time for Packs, Troops, Crews, and Posts to prepare and review their ScoutNet unit roster to ensure all active unit members are currently officially registered with the unit and that all the registered adult leaders have current Youth Protection Training. The council will send every unit expiring 12/31/17 a unit roster by email starting Monday, Oct 9th.   Please note, if you use ScoutBook do not use your ScoutBook rosters for review, they may not match the official local council ScoutNet Roster. Additionally, the Unit Treasurer’s should begin using this roster to ask each member if they plan to renew their membership for another year, and if they say yes, start collecting the appropriate 2018 fees for membership and, if applicable, Boys’ Life fee from each person renewing. Preparing now will make the online charter renewal process super simple for your unit’s Charter Renewal Processor. 


New for 2018;


Online Portal Access: The online portal will open Nov 1st, and the council will send each unit Key 3 the access code and portal link by email on this date. The unit Key 3 will decide the one person in the unit who will be the online Charter Renewal Processor and guarantee the job will be completed and submitted no later than 12/31/2017.


Adding New Members to the Charter Renewal: You should not be adding new members to the Charter Renewal unless they are joining your unit with membership effective 1/1/2018, which is highly unlikely. All new members who are joining now or will join in October, November, or December, need to have their membership posted by your local council prior to submitting your online Charter Renewal.


Online Charter Renewal vs Online Registration: Units using Online Registration through BeAScout will continue to accept new member applications for 2017 membership through December. Existing members who will be renewing membership for 2018 will be renewed using Online Charter Renewal. If a new member who joins in December 2017 is not submitted with the 2018 Charter Renewal, the council office will contact you and renew their membership if requested, and those additional fees will be charged to the unit.


Charter Renewal Fees: The annual BSA National Membership 12-month fee has increased from $24.00 to $33.00 per year effective December 1, 2017 and will be calculated as such on the 2018 Charter Renewal. There has been no change to the annual Boys' Life 12-month fee of $12.00 and the Unit Liability Insurance fee of $40.00 per unit. (A link to the official BSA National Membership Fee increase can be found at the bottom of this page.)


Youth Protection Training: All adult leaders planning to renew membership in 2018 must have current Youth Protection Training or the online system will not allow you to include them for membership renewal. The Council Registrar cannot override any YPT errors. Any adult who has expired YPT or if it is about to expire, needs to retake this required training NOW!


Payment: The online system will calculate the BSA National Membership fees, the Boys’ Life magazine subscription fees (if applicable), and the Unit Liability Insurance fee that will be due upon submittal of the 2018 Charter Renewal. Units will pay these fees online at the time they submit the recharter. There will be a 3% processing fee collected based on the total of all fees. All payments go directly to the National BSA Office and do not provide support to the Local Council.


Signatures: All signatures required on the charter renewal paperwork will be collected and submitted electronically to the local council office.


If you have any questions on these changes, please let me know. Additional links to official announcements can be found below.


Anyone who would like help with processing and submitting the online charter renewal, please call me to make an appointment for a date in Nov or Dec. Appointments will run in 30 minute slots, but may take as little as 15 minutes. Appointments can be either over the phone or in person at the council office. Those units who took advantage of this free service last year appreciated it tremendously!


Thank you!


Sandy Elkins / WCC-BSA Registrar

970-243-0346 x3