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Merit Badge Counselor List

  Merit Badge Counselor List located here!

The lists are sorted by District and by alphabetical merit badge or alphabetical counselor last name. The lists will be updated periodically as new counselors are added.


Merit Badge Counselors expire each year on June 30th. Counselors will be emailed renewal notices mid-June and if they do not reply to the renewal notice their membership as a Merit Badge Counselor will expire. In order to be a Merit Badge Counselor you must have the required current general Youth Protection Training.


Here is an informative article about how Merit Badge Counselors can help the Scouts they work with understand the importance of not appropriating other's Intellectual Property and how to protect the Scout's own IP.  www.scouting.org/filestore/boyscouts/pdf/IP8-17-13.pdf.

Here is a short out-take -

"Respecting IP and Scouting 

The Scout Oath and Scout Law relate directly to observing intellectual property law. Young people frequently have an opportunity to copy or share music, movies, or games with others without permission of the publisher. They may ask a friend to make a copy for them to avoid having to pay for a new copy.

Scouts who knowingly make copies without permission are violating the Scout Oath’s pledge to be "morally straight" and the point of the Scout Law calling on Scouts to be "trustworthy." Adult Scout leaders should educate Scouts about unauthorized and illegal content sharing and how it harms others. They should then make it clear that such conduct is contrary to the Scout Oath and Scout Law."