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BeAScout is the BSA Membership website that most people searching the Internet about how to join Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts are directed too. This application asks the person for their Zip Code and a map appears showing all units, as Unit Pins, chartered by organizations near that Zip Code. Once they select a Unit Pin for a Pack or Troop, they can then submit a lead via email to the contact listed to that Unit Pin for more information on joining that unit. Unit Pins on BeAScout are managed by each unit individually. The council just wants to remind Units to keep their Unit Pins on BeAScout up to date with the correct current unit contact information and to respond in a timely manner to all membership leads. If you have questions regarding the Unit Pin Administration for BeAScout, contact the council office.


2016 Recruitment Items

FREE Membership Recruitment Materials Order Form for Cub Scout Packs:                

  Personalized Cub Scout Pack Fliers for distribution at Schools and other locations.       

  Business card sized invitations to hand out to friends and youth you meet.                     

  Television & Radio PSA's                 National Marketing Materials

  Free Mini Boys-Life magazines          Recruitment Night Sign-In Sheets

  Free New Family Booklets                  Recruitment Night Agenda

  Order Form for FREE materials


Special Tiger Recruitment Incentive: 

For every new tiger den recruited, each den will receive a 3 foot tiger tail for their den flag!!!!!

Make sure to get your recruitment night scheduled and fliers into your schools early!

          Tiger Tail                    


 Sample Flyers:




Sample Peer to peer  invite: