Collector Patch Ordering Now Online!


The ordering process is being handled using the Council Event Registration System.  Once you have read these instructions, Click the link below to be directed to the ordering site.  You will be directed to a login screen.  Choose "Skip Login" to be directed to the next screen where you will be directed to "Select an Event".  From the list, double click "Council General, 2013 Jamboree WCC Collector Patch Order".  This will bring you to the "Register for an Event" page.  Click "New Registration".  This will bring you to the actual Order Form.  Fill out the form including the Mailing Address where you would like the patches sent.  Enter the quantities you are ordering.  Once satisfied, click "Submit".  You will have a chance to review your order and will be prompted to submit again.  On the next screen click "Continue" to be directed to the payment page.  Here you may Modify or Delete your order.  If you wish to continue, Click "Complete Your Order".  Please fill in the following screens to complete your order.  Postage is included in the cost of the patches.  Thanks for your order!


Click Here to Order Collector Patches


UPDATED 6/20/2013




Each participant should have already received three Council Shoulder Patches for his or her three required Class A shirts.  They should have already received one full set of their troop/crew or troop/staff patch set.  So if you are in Troop B105 or a Staff Member, you will have received one set of black background patches.  If you are in B121 or Crew F206, you will have received one set of white background patches.  In addition, participants will receive one full relief pewter frog pin and three enamel colored frog pins at check-in at the airport hotel in Denver prior to departure for Philadelphia. 


Trading patch sets have been distributed to all participants and staff requesting them as of Shakedown.  The remaining patches are now for sale.  A number of sets have been reserved for collectors.  Anyone still wanting to purchase patches must contact  





This is the Troop Patch set for Troop B121 with white background.  Troop B105 will be identical except with Black Background.  With the white set, you will also receive a Venturing CSP.  With the Black set you will receive a Staff CSP 





                       Staff Patch                                                                             Venturing Patch 



OA Patches 

                            OA Vigil                                                                                OA Brotherhood



 OA Ordeal



 OA Vigil Distinguished Service Patch 



 OA Brotherhood Distinguished Service Patch 



Frog Pins 

                      Frog Relief Pin                                                                        Frog Enamel Pin 

                 One per participant                                                                   Three per participant 



Any misstatements in this page will be corrected asap.