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Jamboree 2013 Departure Information

REVISED 7/8/2013!


IMPORTANT:  Departure Check-In Procedure and Checklist Click Here

                           Equipment List For Jamboree Click Here

                  HOTEL DIRECTIONS and PRE-JAMBO TOUR Click Here


Departure for Jamboree:  Please arrive at the Days Inn at 6:00 pm Wednesday July 10, 2013.


Please make sure you have eaten a good supper before arriving or bring food with you.  Breakfast will be provided Departure Morning.



Bring Money for your Trader Patches if you have not already received them from your scoutmaster and paid Council.  They are $26.00 per set.  In addition to the Council patch sets, OA patches will be available for purchase at $3.00 per flap and $4.00 per pocket.  These are participant only prices.  Some additional Trader Sets may be available for purchase on a limited basis.



We will be checking in each participant upon arrival.  This will include making sure that all forms are accounted for.  This includes Whitewater Rafting and Climbing Permission/Waiver.


Please make sure you bring everything you will be travelling with.  There are no second chances.  You will be expected to have your Osprey Duffel and Carry-On Bag set up the way you will have them organized for travel.  Pay special attention to the packing list.


Uniforms must be perfect!  Make sure all patches are sewn on.  Make sure you have your neckerchief, two hats, three Class B shirts with frogs, and all the other stuff you have been given over the last several months.  If you are in Troop B121 you will be recieving your red woggle (neckerchief slide) at check in.


Exciting times are ahead!