Council General - Council User Fee approved by Board Posted Nov. 18, 2015
After a great deal of discussion and input from many of you, your Western Colorado Council Board of Directors has voted to implement a $48 per youth annual Council User Fee (CUF). Based on your
feedback, CUF will simplify your lives, and create financial predictability so we can hire people to better serve our units. We have never done this before (it's outside of our tradition), but at the urging of many unit leaders and committee chairs, we decided to implement this CUF with 2016 BSA membership. With this CUF we will be able to hire District Advisors (DA) who focus 90% of their time serving you. Never the less - we recognize that this change will impact our families, so we wanted to get this Q & A out to you ASAP. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly on my cell - 512-657-0981 (I'll do my best to get back to you quickly, but please understand if it takes me a while….lots going on!)
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Council General - Cub Scout Ldr Position-Specific Training Posted Nov. 19, 2015
Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training is being offered on Saturday, December 5th, from 8am to 1:30pm at the Montrose LDS Stake Center. Breakfast and Lunch is being provided. Position-Specific Courses are required for all Cub Scout Pack Cubmasters, Wolf and Bear Den Leaders, and Webelos Leaders.
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Council General - 2016 Charter and Membership Renewal Posted Oct. 16, 2015
It's time for all units to prepare for Internet Recharter so they can renew membership of their Chartered Organization and select members for renewal for 2016. Please deliver all remaining 2015 Membership Applications to the council office as soon as possible, and continue to deliver them in a timely manner for the reminder of the year. Check out the 2016 FAQ's for more helpful hints and preparation tools.
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Council General - Uploading csv.files to ScoutNet Posted Nov. 18, 2015
Units are required to post scouting advancements and awards at a minimum of quarterly each year. Many of our units are using outside software such as ScoutBook, TroopMaster, PackMaster, ScoutTracks, Cub Scout Tracker, to track the progress of their youth members. Some of these units believe that when they post a rank advancement or a merit badge using this software that the local council's database is automatically updated. This is not the case. Any unit using outside software, MUST upload a csv.file to ScoutNet (more commonly known as Internet Advancement) to complete the posting of Rank and Merit Badges to the scouts local council and national council history.

For example purposes, here are the super simple instructions to upload a csv.file from ScoutBook to ScoutNet (it looks long, but only takes two minutes to complete);
1. Login to ScoutBook.
2. Go to My Dashboard.
3. Select Reports.
4. Select Needs Purchasing. (If you have nothing that needs purchasing, you can log out).
5. Select All. (It will give you a PO Report that you can open/view/print, and this is a good shopping list too.)
6. Scroll down and select ScoutNet File.
7. A csv.file will download to the botton left corner of screen. DO NOT OPEN THE CSV FILE. This file will automatically save to your computer when it downloads, look in the Download file on your computer for a file with a name similar to this, BSA_Internet_Advancement_Troop_0242_PO22104 (1).csv.
8. Open a new browser tab.
8. Login to ScoutNet (or more commonly known as Internet Advancement) as a Returning User.
9. Type in your Unit Id. (email me if you do not know what this is).
10. Type in your Password. (email me if you do not know your password.)
11. Select Upload Advancement File.
12. Click on Choose File and find the csv.file you downloaded from ScoutBook.
13. Once it has completed the upload, it will give you a Member Match report on who was successful and who was not, click on OK. (Reasons for unsuccessful could be mismatched of youth name you have listed in ScoutBook vs Council database, dob, member number.)
14. Then click on NEXT.
15. Then click on the SUBMIT TO COUNCIL button.
Print your report and keep on file, Troops for seven years, Packs for one year.

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Council General - 2017 National Jamboree payments ONLINE Posted Sep. 18, 2015
This online payment system is for scouts who have been confirmed as participants with the Western Colorado Contigent to the 2017 BSA National Jamboree at Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia.
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Council General - Creating a Accnt UPDATE Posted Oct. 16, 2015
VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE!! If you are new to Scouting, been with Scouting for a while, and need to take required training, or for any reason are directed to create a new Account and you do not know your Member Number, STOP, don't proceed until you call the council office 970-243-0346 x6 or email the contact below to get your member number. This is a very important step! 98% of adults and 100% of youth who go to already have a Member Number with their local council, especially parents of scouts who apply for new leadership positions.
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Council General - NYLT 2016 Apply now to serve on Staff Posted Sep. 18, 2015
NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) is searching for youth to apply to serve on staff as Senior Patrol Leaders and Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders for the course being offered in July, 2016. Applications must be received no later than October 30, 2015. All others applying to serve on staff, youth and adults, must have their applications completed by November 30, 2015.
More Information Questions - Contact T.A. Rosko
Council General - Free SAT/ACT Prep Courses for Boy Scouts Posted Sep. 18, 2015
Free $250.00 SAT/ACT Prep Courses are available to all Boy Scouts for a minimal charge for shipping and handling through the eKnowledge Donation Project. See More Information below for the link to apply! Over 533 BSA Families have been helped by this program since 2014!
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