Council General - Merit Badge Rally Nov 1st and Nov 8th Posted Oct. 17, 2014
Merit Badge Rally is being offered at Rifle High School on Saturday, November 1st and Saturday, November 8th. Fee is $7.00. You MUST complete online event registration to sign up for classes. Online registration is open NOW and closes October 30 or when classes are full. Click on More Info for complete details and class schedule. It is helpful to pick your classes, including alternates, prior to completing the online registration.
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Council General - Direct Contact Leader Training at MBR Posted Oct. 17, 2014
On Saturday, November 1st during Merit Badge Rally at Rifle High School, we will be offering two Direct Contact Leader courses, Scoutmaster & Assistant SM Position-Specifics, 11-yr old Scout Leader Position-Specifics and Venturing Crew Advisor Position-Specifics. These classes are required for all registered Scoutmasters, 11-yr old Scout Leaders, and Venturing Crew Advisors. YOU MUST BE TRAINED BY JUNE 30, 2015 to continue your membership registraiton for these positions. Register online for the classes NOW under Winter Merit Badge Rally.
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Council General - 2015 Recharter just around the corner Posted Sep. 10, 2014
Attention ALL UNITS: Recharter packets will go out in October, be sure to get all your new youth and adult applications in prior to October so we can do all the data entry for you prior to receiving your packet. You may want to review your unit roster (you can access a current roster through Internet Advancement or by requesting one from the council office, just send me an email). Online Recharter is always due in November as the charter expires 12/31 each year. Rechartering is super easy if all you have to do is remove people who are no longer active.

Any applications for scouts and/or leaders who join after you submit your recharter online still need to be sent to our office as soon as possible so the youth and leaders can be registered for the remainder of the 2014 charter year. They will automatically be added to the 2015 charter as the applications are received.

BSA Membership Registration fees have not changed and remain $24.00 per year for youth members and adult leader members. This fee is pro-rated at $2.00 per month so if a youth or adult joins in September, the fee for the remainder of the 2014 charter year is $8.00. The unit committee can decide if they will collect the remainder of the 2014 charter year of $8.00 and the upcoming 2015 charter year fee of $24.00 for a total of $32.00 registration fee when the youth joins in September. No matter how the unit collects the remainder of this year fee and the next year fee, just be sure someone in the unit, usually the Treasurer, keeps records of who paid what so there is no confusion when rechartering rolls around.

The Boys' Life subscription fee remains $12.00 per year and this fee is also pro-rated, so if a youth joins in September, the fee for the remainder of the 2014 charter year is $4.00. Just remember to make sure the box for Boys' Life is clearly marked on the application. If a youth is receiving Boys' Life in 2014, then the online recharter will have that youth marked as a Yes to receive the magazine in 2015. The unit can make changes to magazine subscriptions online during the rechartering process.

The annual Charter fee for the unit's Chartered Organization remains at $40.00.
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Council General - Eagle Scout Scholarships APPLY NOW Posted Oct. 3, 2014
Attention ALL Eagle Scouts; The window to apply for the 2015 National Eagle Scout Association scholarships is now OPEN! You have three months to submit your application; deadline is December 31, 2014. Winners will be contacted by July 15, 2015. Follow the link to the NESA website for complete details.
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Council General - National Order of the Arrow Conference Posted Oct. 3, 2014
2015 is the 100th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow! Come join us for a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to celebrate the Centennial at Michigan State University, July 31 to August 10, 2015!
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Council General - 2015 23rd World Scout Jamboree, Japan Posted Jan. 16, 2014
A Spirit of Unity is the 2015 World Scout Jamboree theme. WSJ will be held in Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi, Japan from July 28, 2015 to August 8, 2015. The Western Region contingent is now accepting applications. Eligible participants must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America as a Boy Scout or Venturer and have been born between July 28, 2001 and July 27, 1997. If you are interested in attending as a youth or as adult staff, please contact Leland Johnsen for details.
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Council General - Internet Advancement is REQUIRED Posted May. 7, 2014
If you are not currently using Internet Advancement to post your scouts advancements, you need to begin right away. Please send me an email for account set-up instructions, and for your unit id number. Unit account set-up is easy and only takes a few minutes. When you post your advancements through Internet Advancement, you no longer need to send any paperwork to the council office. Since we have the capability to view reports from an administrative side, if any advancement comes into question, we will be able to look at the report. There are several additional reports available to you that you can view and print from Internet Advancement; Unit Roster, Unit Advancement Report, Member Summary, previous Unit Advancment Reports, and you can print temporary membership cards. If you like, come by my office for a quick tutorial or you can schedule a date with me to come to District Roundtable for training.
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