General - Boy Scouts of America Posted May. 21, 2018
Our organization name is NOT changing. Contrary to what you may hear or read through local, national, and social media, the Boy Scouts of America is not changing their name. The BSA will continue to provide leadership and character development programs for boys and girls ages 5-20. To learn more, click on More Information below.
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General - Wood Badge W2-64-18 7/23 to 7/28 Posted Feb. 23, 2018
Now's your chance to take get the best of the best training for adults in Scouting, Wood Badge for the 21st Century! This training is being offered at SOAR this summer during the fourth week in July. Find out more by selecting More Information.
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General - ScoutBook helpful tips Posted Apr. 12, 2018
Here are some helpful tips on what to do in ScoutBook when a scout transfers to a new unit, like when a Webelo crosses over into a Boy Scout Troop;
Prior to moving a Scout to another Unit, please see that the following is performed.
1. End all Leadership positions
2. Make sure to add the new Unit Admin as a connection to the Scout with full control.
3. Remove all Adult Connections in the previous Unit by clicking Pack Roster > select the Scout > Scout Connections > locate and select the Leader > Remove Connection.
4. Edit the current membership to add an End date. You can do this by clicking Pack Roster > select the Scout > Scout's Membership > select the Current Membership > add Date Ended > Update.
5. Add the Scout under the new Unit's roster by clicking My Dashboard > My Account > My Connections > Select the Scout > Scout's Membership > +Add > Enter the Council, Unit Type, Unit Number, BSA Unit Description, Patrol(optional), and a Start Date > Update.
6. The New Unit Admin can approve the Scout by clicking Troop Roster > select the Scout > Scout's Membership > Current Membership > check off Position Approved > Update.
7. Leave your connection to the Scout until you know that the other Unit has approved the Scout, then remove your connection.
Please note, all application processes continue to be handled through the Council. The Scout's registration under the new Unit must be fully processed for Scoutbook to continue syncing their Advancement.
Additional details related to Managing Memberships can be found at:
If you have any additional questions you may find an answer in our FAQ:
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