SOAR 2015



Here are some FAQs for your use and information:

1. When is camp? Camp will run June 14th – July 18th

a. Staff week: June 7 – 13

b. Week 1: June 14 – 20

c. Week 2: June 21 – 27

d. Webelos Family Camp: June 28 – July 1

e. Week 4: July 5 – 11

f. Week 5: July 12 – 18

g. Girl Scout Session: July 19 - 21

2.How much is camp?

a. Boy Scout Camp Weeks 1, 2, 4, & 5:

         i. Residential Tier: Youth $195, Adult $45

         ii. Base Camp w/ Adventure Day Tier: $375 Youth and Adult ($125 for an adult staying in camp and participating) 

         iii. 3 Day Adventure w/ Advanced Training: $450 Youth & Adult ($125 for an Adult staying in camp and not participating)

b. Webelos Family Camp:

         i. $100 for Webelos Participants

         ii. $50 for Parents iii. $50 for Siblings

c. Girl Scout Session:

         i. $195 per Youth

         ii. $45 per Adult *Call us to customize your stay.

3. Where can I find more information?

We are actively working on our Website now and will have more info available Very Soon!

4. When can my unit sign up?

Give us a call now and we can take your unit deposit and get you signed up for the week you would like.

5. Is full service dining available?

Yes! Full service dining is available for every tier level with the exception of the residential tier. Those signing up for the residential tier are welcome to bring their own food in bear proof containers, we will have a spot in the walk in to keep it cool should you need it.

6. Where do the Campers sleep?

We have 24, twenty foot, Tipis! You can fit between 8 & 10 Scouts OR between 4 & 6 Adults in each one. We also provide either a sleeping mat or a short cot (stands about 8 inches off the ground). We recommend you bring your own, should you not want to sleep that close to the ground.

7. What Merit Badges will you offer?

Last year we offered an extensive list of Merit Badges. They are as follows: American Heritage, Archery, Art, Basketry, Camping, Canoeing, Climbing, Cooking, Environmental Science, First Aid, Fish and Wildlife Management, Fishing, Indian Lore, Insect Study, Kayaking, Leatherwork, Mammal Study, Nature, Orienteering, Pioneering, Rifle Shooting, Rowing, Shotgun Shooting, Soil and Water Conservation, Space Exploration, Sustainability, Theater, Weather, Wilderness Survival, and Woodcarving. Our list will be changing slightly this year as the Camping Committee and Advancement Committee make suggestions. Final list for 2015 is expected by November.

8. What’s the one day adventure consist of?

The one day Adventure is a High Adventure type outing suitable for all ages attending the Boy Scout Camp. One day during your stay you will be taken off campus and treated to an adventure experience. The youth will miss Merit Badge instruction that day. *The Adventure Day is not included in the Residential Tier.

9. What’s the 3-day adventure consist of?

The 3-day adventure is going to be a very unique experience. We will combine some team building aspects provided by a COPE Certified Instructor, a 3-day off campus adventure, and an advanced certification class. There will be no Merit Badge instruction for this option.

10. What certification will be offered?

We are working that out now and will announce it once we have finalized all details. Think…BIG.

11. How much is the Deposit and what is the payment schedule this year?

The Unit Deposit will be $250. This becomes non-refundable on May 1st. Individuals who wish to register may do so with a deposit of $75 for youth and $45 for adult. The payment schedule will be $45 per person due on Feb. 13th, $100 per person (unless already paid up) due on April 17th, and the remainder due on or before June 1st. ***Remember that keeping current with your payments guarantees your campsite registration.

12. How many Adults are required for our unit to go to Camp?

Every Unit must have 2 Adults in attendance at all times.

13. How many adults are recommended for our unit to attend camp?      2