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WeCAN Summer Camp Forms


2014 Summer Camp Forms
Gypsum Gun Club Waiver This Waiver must be filled out by any scout, and parents, who plans on taking Rifle Shooting or Shotgun Shooting Merit Badges
2014 Leaders Guide 2014 Leaders Guide for the Steve Fossett Spirit of Adventure Base
2014 Staff Application WCC Summer Camp Staff Application
2014 BSA Health Form Link to Part A, B, & C pdf.file.
Camp Special Request & Dietary Form Allergies, Medical, or Dietary needs
WeCAN Camper Release Form Parental or Guardian Authorization for early release
Campership Request Form Application for Council Camp Scholarship
Pre-Camp Swim Check Form steps to complete swim test prior to camp
WCC Refund/Cancellation Policy Refund/Cancellation Policy
Camp Refund Request Form Must be used to consider a camp refund
Camp Dates Schedule

Camp Promotion Info
Camp is Back Announcing The Steve Fossett Spirit of Adventure Base Camp
Camp Program Structure Program Levels
Base Camp Highlights
Day Trek Highlights
Adventure Highlights
Expedition Highlights