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Merit Badge Counselor List

Find a Merit Badge Counselor

Merit Badge Counselor lists are sorted by District and by alphabetical merit badge or alphabetical counselor last name. The lists will be updated periodically as new counselors are added. Merit Badge Counselor Lists can be accessed here:

Grand Mesa District

Three Rivers District

Majestic Mountain District


If you are a Merit Badge Counselor and do not see your name on the list, please email Sandy.Elkins@scouting.org.


For Merit Badge Counselors

Merit Badge Counselor registration expires each year on June 30th. Counselors will be emailed renewal notices mid-June and if they do not reply to the renewal notice their membership as a Merit Badge Counselor will expire. In order to be a Merit Badge Counselor you must have the required current general Youth Protection Training.


To learn more about how Merit Badge Counselors can help Scouts understand the importance of not appropriating other's Intellectual Property and how to protect the Scout's own Intellectual Property, check out this article: www.scouting.org/filestore/boyscouts/pdf/IP8-17-13.pdf.