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This page is dedicated to all the young men getting started on their Eagle Projects. You can find forms, applications, help on the menu to the left and ideas for projects below.  Be sure to check back often for new updates!


Eagle Application:

As of January 1, 2016, the National office has issued a new printing of the Eagle Application. None of the requirements have changed, but the format of the second page does have a slight change. Please make sure you are using the most up-to-date application and workbook so your information is correct and current.


Eagle Workbook:

If you are using a 2014 or older version of the Eagle Workbook, please transfer your information over to the current version (October 2015). (found on our website under Advancement/Eagle Information) Thank you.


Eagle Packet update:

The Eagle Packet has been updated. If you have had the application, packet  and workbook for a while, be sure to get back on the Council Website (wccbsa.org, ‘Advancement’, then ‘Eagle Information’) and print off / use the most current ones. They are updated on a regular basis and you are responsible to have and use the most current information. 


Daniels Scholarship Program Application Now Open

The next window for applying for the Daniels Fund Scholarships is September 29 - November 30, 2017.

If you are a Junior in High School and will be taking the SAT this spring, keep in mind that the application now requires SAT scores of at least 920 on the new test, with a minimum of 450 in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and 470 in Math. You may still use the ACT with minimum scores of 17 in each category.

Go to http://danielsfund.org/ to apply and for more information. 


Lowe's Impact Grant Discover Card:

January 2017 - Lowe's Home Improvement Stores offers the Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation Eagle Scout service project grant program for 2013-2014. Through the Lowe's Foundation effort, approximately 3,600 Eagle Scout candidates nationwide will each receive $100.00 grants in the form of Discover gift cards funded by the Lowe's foundation. Eagle Scout candidates will need to contact our designated Lowe's Grant Volunteer, Louis Brackett, at 970 640-7971 or email patriot08@bresnan.net, to request an application and additional information on applying for this grant.


Reporting Eagle Service Project Hours

Once your Eagle Service Project has been completed, take a moment to log the total hours everyone worked to help you with Journey To Excellence.  You will need to contact your Scoutmaster or the Council Office for the Unit ID number.  Before you login, figure out the number of people who helped and the number of hours each person volunteered.  You will enter this information online under Journey To Excellence, Service Hours Website. Complete instructions for using the Service Hours Website can be found here.


Eagle Service Project Opportunities:


Submit Eagle Service Project Suggestions and Project Photos to:

If you know of an organization that has needs that could qualify as an Eagle Scout Project, or you have a photo of your Eagle Project, please submit suggestions and photos to gail.atkinson@scouting.org for posting. Project suggestions should include the organization's name, location, contact information and a brief description of project idea.