Jamboree Equipment List

UPDATED 7/8/2013


NOTE:  It will rain at Jamboree.  Afternoon thunderstorms are likely and prolonged rain may occur.  Temperatures will range from averages of 81 degrees during the day to 61 degrees at night.  Please make sure to pack correctly for these conditions.  If you have additional personal gear you think you need and it is not on the list send a note to your Jamboree Unit Leader to ask if you can bring it to Jamboree.


B105 Rosko fishit25@yahoo.com

B121 Burner cburner@centurylink.net

F206D Murphy murphy242@comcast.net



Everything you bring must fit in your jamboree duffel bag, carry-on and personal day pack.

Personal Gear

Sleeping bag (lightweight in stuff sack with 30 degree rating is good)
Mess kit
Two 1-liter water bottles
Toiletry kit (keep it small)
Two bath towels
Two hand towels
Two washcloths
Non-aerosol insect repellent

Travel Pillow


Swim Suit



Three uniforms
Long pants (required for Messengers of Peace Day of Service)
Good, broken-in hiking boots
Lace-up shoes (lightweight sports)
Rain gear (simple, lightweight)
Scout headgear
One jacket or sweatshirt (synthetic is good)
Two sets of sleep clothes
Five pairs of underwear
Four or five Scout/jamboree T-shirts/polo/
activity shirts (antimicrobial synthetic is good)
Two or three pairs of hiking socks
Two or three other pairs of socks