Council News

Popcorn Kickoff Training Sept 4th
Is your unit selling POPCORN? Ensure your higher commission structure, send your representative to training here at the council office Tuesday, Sept 4th at 6:30pm.... (Read More)

Mountain Man Rendezvous Sept 21-23
Troops, Crews, and Ships are invited to the Gunnison Mountain Man Rendezvous. Camping is available, main events will be held Saturday, Sept 22. Don't miss... (Read More)

2018 BSA National Camp Report DUE
Attention all WCC Troops, Crews, Ships, please complete the attached questionnaire in reference to long-term camping (72-hours or more), NYLT, NAYLE, and Camp staff for 2018. Please complete even if your unit did not participate. Return your questionnaire to the council office no later than Monday,... (Read More)

2018 Cub Scout Camp Report Due
Attention all Cub Scout Packs! Did you camp this year? We need to know. Please fill out this attached questionnaire and return to the council office by September 24, 2018. If you have any questions, please give me a call.... (Read More)

September is Boy Scout Month
Cabelas in Grand Junction is partnering with Bass Pro Shops and the Boy Scouts of America and they will be offering three Boy Scout Merit Badge classes on a rotating schedule every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights in September. Online registration will be up soon. Class sizes will be... (Read More)

Cub Scout recruitment is in full swing and GIRLS are welcome to join! Click on the link under more information and find a Cub Scout Pack near you today! Or give our office a call,... (Read More)

Boy Scouts of America
Our organization name is NOT changing. Contrary to what you may hear or read through local, national, and social media, the Boy Scouts of America is not changing their name. The BSA will continue to provide leadership and character development programs for boys and girls ages 5-20. To learn more,... (Read More)